1. Will my bags be transported in the same flight?

  • No, your bags will be transported separately via Road or Air.

2. Which cities is this service available in?

  • Every city in the Country

3. Are there any restrictions on the packaging I can use?

  • Yes, You can use only one bag for each weight category that you select. For example, in case you select the 30kgs option, you are allowed to use only 1 bag weighing up to 30kgs (and not 2 bags with a cumulative weight of 30 kgs).

4. What are the Pickup timings?

  • Pickups are done between 2-6 pm on the scheduled pick up date.

5. Do you provide packaging services?

  • The baggage is to be given with proper packaging and seal to us. We do not do any packaging. Any loss or damages to any package due to improper packaging will be the sole liability of the customer and Avaan will not be liable for any loss / damage if packaging is defective or inadequate to ensure safe transportation with ordinary care in handling.

6. Can I cancel this service post booking and get a refund?

  • In case you wish to cancel your shipment for any reason, you can contact Avaan customer service at 1860 267 7111 or customerservice@avaanindia.com with your Avaan Booking ID. Please note that a cancellation penalty of 10% will apply in case the order is cancelled before pickup, and 30% will apply in case the order is cancelled at the time of pickup. Post pickup, the service will be deemed non-cancellable and non-refundable.

7. What happens in case my luggage is lost?

  • A compensation of maximum Rs 3,000 per bag will be offered in case your baggage is lost. You can contact Avaan team directly for the compensation request.

8. How can I contact Avaan if I need more assistance?

  • For any assistance, you may reach out to us at 1860 267 7111 or customerservice@avaanindia.com.